If you need someone who can write terrific content about health care, you need Hannah. When she worked on my team at Blue Cross, she took whatever we assigned her and made it special.

Health insurance is a tough industry for content creators, there’s a lot of jargon and a ton of challenging processes to describe. Hannah took this as a challenge, and helped us create meaningful, useful content for our customers.

In addition, she was a great team member who was always happy to help, collaborate, or brainstorm. And her internal clients loved her. She always took what they wanted to say and made it sound better.

– Jeff Greer, Digital Content Strategy Leader, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan


Hannah possesses a number of notable talents. Being a perspicacious editor, she thoroughly reviews copy for any possible missteps and provides useful feedback, if warranted, on how to improve copy. Not one to be idle, Hannah enjoys taking on new tasks and projects in order to help out the department and improve her knowledge base. This willingness to go above and beyond ultimately led to her being named the lead trainer in the Chicago office for Marketwire. Her patient and calm demeanor, along with her exhaustive approach to training, made her a natural for the position. In addition to bringing new employees into the fold quickly and completely, Hannah also kept on top of training documentation by regulary updating manuals and creating new content as the company evolved. Hannah also has a friendly and approachable personality which can be “seen” and experienced by both clients and co-workers, whether in person or over the phone. I enjoyed working with Hannah and know that her abilities and skills designate her as a key asset for any company.

– Patrick Quigley, VP, Editorial Operations, Marketwire


“Hannah has proven herself to be a very reliable and thorough editor – always striving to provide the best service to her clients. She fosters good relationships with everyone around her, and has a special skill with mentoring new employees. She has the ability to explain complicated concepts well and in a way a person new to the industry would understand. Hannah has risen to the top as a self-assured and expert member of the team, always looking for how she can contribute more to the company. She has good ideas for how to improve the department and is willing to help implement those ideas. I know Hannah will excel at whatever endeavor she decides to embark upon.”

– Jennifer Kooy, Editorial Manager, Marketwire


“Hannah would be a strong asset to any organization. She is a very hard worker who thinks well on her feet. The wire industry is intensely time-sensitive.. even one minute can “make or break you.” Hannah is excellent at multi-tasking and prioritizing under time pressure. She consistently demonstrates good decision-making, and she is the type of employee who only needs to be told instructions once. Hannah learns new skills quickly, and is very adept with technology. When Marketwire rolled out a new software, Hannah was tasked with learning the software in a very short time period. She then helped train new Editors on the entire Editorial process, including this software. She is a very effective trainer, and helped reduce training time in our Chicago office. Hannah has a very keen eye, is very detail oriented and is adept with AP style. She had one of the best (meaning lowest) error rates in the entire Editorial department, including both Chicago and LA. She was also well-respected amongst her peers. She was quick to answer questions from less tenured Editors and she is very personable and genuinely nice. She is easy to get along with and works well on a team. I highly endorse Hannah and would be happy to provide more detail via telephone.”

– Jenne Nesbitt, Senior Editorial Supervisor, Marketwire